Stranded in the Nineties - The Studio Recordings

by Brother Brick

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Joseph Anderson
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Joseph Anderson Found this song on a compilation CD and was ecstatic to find the band on Bandcamp. Favorite track: Chokito Bar.


I could give you the full rundown and bio of this underrated band but it's a long tale...all you need to know and hear is in this fantastic compilation put together by Brother Brick (and later Leadfinger) main man Stewy Cunningham and Off the Hip Records out of Melbourne. This double cd release came out in 2006 and is all sold out I'm told. Many little gems of songs within if ye have ears for exploring and seeing the gold in the dust...The Brick was another band I played in that survived off the sniff of an oily rag. We had the songs and the attitude but lacked the money or industry clout. The Brick existed from about 1992 til 2000 in various line ups and locations. This release is worth buying for tracks like Chokito Bar, See You Tonight and Beyond My Hands alone...don't forget to check out the other volume of killer live stuff and demos. Thanks for checking out the Brick. Brick out the Jams!!!

"Sydney, Australia's heavy hitting rock juggernaughts, BROTHER BRICK, invade the land of the free with their three song seven-inch Estrus debut slab, the "No Turning Back" 7" ep! Drawing inspiration from the likes of Clawhammer, Radio Birdman, The Wipers, The New Christs, The Fun Things and The Celibate Rifles, these hard drinkin', ham fisted piledrivers first got it on after the demise of Brother Stews other power charged combo The Proton Energy Pills packed it in a few years back (note: Stew also slung guitar for the great Asteroid B-612!!), and churn out a pummeling jolt of hard-edged, hook ridden rock action that'll not only shake the goddamned rafters but break'em! So, slap that stick to the floor and get ready for a heavy hittin' hammerhead rock o.d. from Oz's seedlings of the new freedom...BROTHER BRICK and their "No Turning Back" 7" ep! Limited Edition of 1,000 copies! Estrus Crust Club single."


released March 1, 2006

Brother Brick …cast in order of appearance…

Stewart ‘Leadfinger’ Cunningham - Guitar & Vocals.
Mikey J. Stephenson Drums and Vocals
Kurt Anderson Bass & Vocals
Mark Wilkinson – Live Guitar
Craig ‘Crash’ Jackson - Drums.
Scott Nash – Bass
Jay Curley – Bass
Nick Reith – Drums
Ash Thomson – Drums

The Studio Recordings
Track 1 Guitar/Vocals - Stewart Cunningham, Drums - Nick Reith, Bass - Jay Curley
…recorded and mixed by Dave Trump at Damien Gerards Studios, Sydney

Tracks 2 - 10 Guitar/Vocals - Stewart Cunningham, Drums - Craig Jackson, Bass/B Vocals - Scott Nash
…recorded in 1996 at Powerhouse Studio Sydney and produced by Leadfinger. Mastered by the dude from the Little River Band - David Briggs at the Production Workhouse, subsequently lost by Craig Jackson & then rescued from cassette by Don Bartley

Tracks 11 - 19 Guitar/Vocals - Stewart Cunningham, Drums/Vocals - Mikey J Stephenson, Bass/Vocals - Kurt Anderson
...recorded & mixed by Russell Pilling at Damien Gerards Studios…tracks 16-21 recorded by Paul Tagg at DownUnder Rehearsal Studios

Fantastic backing vocals on See You Tonight by Bill Gibson
Great lead guitar on the ‘outro’ of Drives Me Wild by John Spittles.

Art and Layout by Mick & Chris Baty
Other bits by Patrick Kennedy, Ian Underwood, Ash Thomson and some photos by Lenny Curley, Live shots by Michelle
This release compiled and mastered by Ernie O

Thanks to: Pete Sidaway, Paul ‘The Chief’ Tonkin, Dave Laing, Luke Roberts, Sean Greenway & The Yes Men, Dead Moon, Jenny Davidson, The Powdermonkeys, The Freeloaders, Jay Young, Pete ‘the Stud’ & The Bloodsucking Freaks, Wayne Churchmichael, Jim Cobain, Nat & Sarah, Challenger 7, Maiko, Al Creed, Pat Kennedy & Brown 25, The Sandringham Hotel (RIP), Dino, Terry & the Mudlungs Crew, Wayne DZ & the Alternative Music Show (2SER in Sydney, Thursday nites at 11pm on 107.3fm), Geoff Ginsberg and Steve Halpern in Philly, Bill Gibson, Nik Reith, Stephanie Stewart, Annie Davis, Dana Orth, Paul Egan, Brett Tobias, The Hunchbacks, Small Handgun, Brown Carnation, Dave Crider/Estrus Records, Gorka Bango and Juan Mari at Bang Records.

Special Thanks to Nicolas at Hellfire Club Records in France and Mickster & Co. at Off The Hip Records without whom this record would not have been possible.

See you Tonight (S.Cunningham) The Same (S Cunningham/D.Curley) Chip On My Shoulder (S.Cunningham) Beyond My Hands (S.Cunningham) Derelict Eyes (S.Cunningham), No Turning Back (S.Cunningham) Rock’n’Roll Marie (S.Cunningham), Drives Me Wild (S.Cunningham) Help Yourself (Inst) (Brother Brick) Were Not Like You (S. Cunningham/C. Jackson/S. Nash) Chokito Bar, Feel Strung Out, Rock Action, Hotshot, Jetlag, Something You Once Had, Downstream (S. Cunningham/M. Stephenson/K. Anderson) Can’t Get Off (S.Cunningham) Hollow Man (S.Cunningham) Savage (Fun things) You My Brother, Sick of the City, For Your Self (S. Cunningham/M. Stephenson/K. Anderson) I’m Bored (Iggy Pop) Color Me Impressed (Paul Westerberg) Mystery (Greg Sage) Pop Song (S. Cunningham/M. Stephenson/K. Anderson) Olympics on the Brain (S. Cunningham) Up Yer Heart (The Humpers)


all rights reserved



Leadfinger NSW, Australia

"Friday Night Heroes is a near perfect rock'n'roll album" Patrick Emery, Beat Magazine, Melbourne 2016

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Track Name: See You Tonight
See You Tonight

Do you remember that feeling when smoke gets in your eyes
It’s a momentary pain and you know that it will subside
Yeah I feel that way when I see your face
Remember a time, a feeling or a place

I’m not very certain bout the way I’m living
But I know that I will survive
I’ll see you tonight like every other time
we’ll say hi, maybe next time

Yeah I’ll see you tonight, when this town comes alive
Yeah I’ll see you tonight

Every Saturday night I do the same things over and over
Ask myself why am I going to the Town Hall hotel,
I can never stay sober….

I’m not very certain where the girls are going
But I know there not going where I’m going
Yeah I’ll see you tonight when this town comes alive

And I’ll be with the Ghosts when this town comes alive
Yeah I’ll be with the ghosts when this town comes alive

Will I see you tonight?
Track Name: Chokito Bar
Chokito Bar

Caught yourself going down again
And I’ve tried a 100 times
It’s more than just a bunch of chemicals
Constitutes a state of mind

Yeah I took you to the movies
And I watched you chew chokitos
Now it’s running all down your mouth

Yeah you say you wanna be happy
But you think you gotta disconnect your mind
Why you gotta drop your bundle baby
I pull the strings and you blow you mind

Yeah you were looking really moody
I had to buy you more chokitos
And now your taking up all my time

There’s no time for hate…

Yeah you getting me really wild
Yeah you think it’s all gone too far
When your whole life is encoded
In the middle of a chocolate bar

Yeah get a grip now hold on now baby
You gotta believe how I get my passion
How I keep the smile on my face
I ain’t got time to think about hating
I ain’t got time to think about losing my helmet
Yeah you can take all the chocolate you want
Yeah you can pop a few more pills
Yeah I can tell you something….

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